January 2020  Menu Items:

BBQ Chicken 

BBQ Chicken served with potato and vegetable

Shepherds Pie

Very Tasty

Cheese Omelette

Popular Dish

Basa Fillet

Freshly prepared Basa Fillet served with potato and vegetables.

Vegetarian Quiche

Popular Dish

 Chopped Sirloin  

Broiled chopped sirloin steak topped with fried onions and gravy

served with mashed potato and vegetables.

Baked Ham

 Served with potato and vegetables.


A customer favourite

2 Bowls of Cream of Broccoli

2 bowls of our Cream of Broccoli soup - counts as one meal.

2 pieces of Dessert

Choose 2 Apple Crumble  or 2  Lemon Pie

or 1 of each - counts as one meal

We mix up the vegetables in each meal to try and provide more variety.

Menu Items & Order Form for January 2020